I want someone to look at me and say..."Because of you, I didn't give up!"

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Kristin Hodge, 


"I don't exist without making an impact in the lives of those who need it most!" 

Kristin Hodge

My purpose (since 1993) has been to find a need and fill it.  A need that can make an impact in the lives of families in various ways.  I started while attending ASU by creating a company called Heaven Sent Events (HSE) Fundraising & Coordinating which specialized in celebrity & youth events, then I created A-Z Sports Camps in 2010 with a partner and after closing that business, I launched the RISE Brand in 2012 which consists of The RISE Family, RISE Athletics, Arizona RISE Sports, RISE Event Planning,  the RISE & Dream Foundation and the RISE Card.  The RISE Family of companies is a variety of businesses and foundations designed to accomplish my purpose through:  Sports, Events, Fundraising, Website/Marketing, and Giving Back to Families that are in need of food, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, clothing, shoes, furniture, and more.  

Rise Athletics and Arizona Rise Sports were created to make that impact through sports specifically.  By creating fundamentally sound sports leagues that have a goal to get the whole family in motion and keep them in motion through playing, coaching and volunteering, it's been a pleasure to watch our leagues develop into an amazing family time for our community. I can remember watching a dad playing in the adult basketball league and now he's playing and coaching and all the kids in the family are now playing basketball, football, soccer and cheer and the mom is coaching and volunteering.  Every member of the family is involved.  What a blessing! We;ve recently began seeing the impact in an even greater way where the kids are making their Jr High team, their High school teams, getting scholarships to College and now getting offers to play in Pro-Am teams, D-League teams, and Overseas Professional Basketball teams.  We are truly excited to make such an impact through sports!  

For me I have always wanted to give the kids the opportunity to learn how to be an athlete, train like an athlete and learn what it takes to become an athlete at a higher level.  I seek to accomplish this by finding parents that themselves played sports and had a passion for the sport and are willing to give their knowledge and training back to the kids.  I know many may not agree, but when you play sports there is a winner and a loser every single game.  You aren't rewarded just for showing up to play.  Athletes learn how to compete and give their very best every single time they step on the court mentally, emotionally and physically.  I look for like minded individuals who are interested in promoting that same concept to come on board and coach, train and volunteer with RISE.  We start at age 3yrs old and teach them at their level all the way up through the High School divisions.  We make slight modifications at each division to teach them to play the game successfully and with those that are advanced and have mastered their age division, we encourage them to play up at the next division to challenge themselves.  We've gotten excellent results from our blueprint and love watching kids succeed! 

It's also an amazing experience to be able to meet players that have made it to a sport at a higher level than high school.  Players that made it to College to play at the Collegiate level and players that have made it to the Professional level to compete at the highest levels possible.  Those men & women have a true story of their journey to share.  If I can make an impact in one childs' life by helping them meet someone at that level and showing them that they can accomplish anything if they put in the work it takes to get there, then I feel I've made an impact.  That's why nearly every sports league we put on has more than just games to it - it has experiences.  it's not enough to wear a pro teams jersey, it's more of an impact to meet a player and get inspired by their story.  It's sometimes the push you need to not give up. 

I've had the honor of watching families be impacted by their High School students receiving college scholarships because they learned how to be an athlete and perform in all areas to the best of their ability.  I've also watched many talented players that never went anywhere except to work a regular job after school because they just couldn't pull things together in one of the four areas that get you to College as an athlete (physical performance, mental stability, emotional stability/proper attitude, and good grades/test scores).  

The other thing I've uncovered is that there are many amazingly talented kids in our community with so much potential to play sports and need to get from behind the TV and video games, but their families just do not have the extra money to put them in sports.  My heart leans to those parents and I seek sponsors, private donors, business partners, and fundraising opportunities to be able to help those families get the kids into sports.  My goal is to make the connections necessary to provide scholarship funds for these families and ultimately build community centers to offer families sports at an affordable price along with helping those in true need with essentials like clothes, shoes, food, hygiene products and cleaning supplies.  

Currently we sponsor approximately 30% of the families each season in registration, uniform, and admission.  If you would like to join my journey and coach a team, volunteer your time, give a donation, become a RISE angel that adopts a family or child, or a business partner/sponsor with the RISE and Dream Foundation, please contact me directly at or 602.391.8876.  

We hope you would help spread the word about RISE and support us in as many areas as possible.  Be blessed! 

Kristin Hodge

Founder/CEO of RISE Athletics 


We are passionate about bringing an affordable fundamentally sound sports program that families with all types of budgets can afford.  We work hard to find coaches that want to give back their time and talent to the kids in the community.  There's nothing more rewarding than spreading the knowledge and setting up kids for success through sports.  We also love working with the high school students in the community teaching them how to volunteer and give their time back while they earn community service hours for their high school & college programs. 

We started our sports program with Basketball and have now expanded in 2015 to three (3) sports:  basketball, flag football, and cheer.   We also are officially a Jr Suns/Jr Mercury youth basketball league and an NFL youth flag football league.  We are truly excited to offer these awesome programs with more than just sports, but some amazing experiences!  

We are determined to not let any child be left behind, so we came up with many options for parents to ensure the whole family gets it motion and stays in motion with RISE.  We ask private donors and businesses to help us build our scholarship fund so that we can award 10-20% scholarship of registration, uniforms, and admissions every season.  Without support from the community these goals just truly wouldn't be possible.  All scholarship are determined through Rise and Dream Foundation. 

In our Jr Suns/Jr Mercury basketball program we take all the kids to a Suns/Mercury game every season and play our championship games at the Suns arena and host an amazing End of Season Celebration for all the kids at the arena.  We've also been able to take the kids to play during half time games, meet and hi-5 players coming out of the tunnel and have private autograph and photograph sessions for them.  We love creating once of a lifetime memories for the kids in our community! 

For the NFL Flag Football sport, we have had numerous NFL Alumni & College players come out and work directly with the kids on the field, sign autographs and take pictures.  We've given out tickets to Cardinal games and get to offer silent auction and raffle items from many celebrities throughout the year.  

We look forward to expanding our reach in the various communities around the valley through sports and giving back and hope you will join  us!  If you are interested in volunteering your time to coach a team or donate so that a child in financial need can play sports, please contact us.  



Mailing Address:

18521 E. Queen Creek Rd. #105-208

Queen Creek, AZ 85142



RISE Athletics
Mailing Address:

18521 E. Queen Creek Rd. #105-208  

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

RISE is a proud member of the Jr. NBA and Jr. Suns/Jr. Mercury Youth Basketball programs as well as the NFL Youth Flag Football programs.