You are such an inspiration Kristin! I am so glad we found Rise and have been able to become a part of the Rise Family. My daughter has improved in basketball so much over the past 6 months. Nate and I love coaching and learning new skills we can share with the kids. You have created an amazing resource for our community. 
​                                                     Cindi Sanden

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RISE REVIEWS ~ Testimonies and recommendations about RISE! 

I am sitting at my sons practice tonight and just wanted to take the time to say thank you! We are so happy that we found the rise program. My son's curiosity on basketball has turned into a love since starting basketball just a few months ago. We have tried other sports but nothing has come close. I can not tell you how much we loved the camp that was offered during Christmas break. I wish I could remember the 3 coaches names that where there working with the kids. They were amazing! They made my son (youngest in the camp) feel so proud of himself even though he could not make the higher baskets. They did not let him slack and kept him pushing for goals. They knew and called his name when he walked into the gym. He came home after the long practices wanting more and could not wait for the next day to go again. If they do any more clinics you can count us in. He still tells his other sister about how cool they are. Lucas looks up to all the coaches he has worked with and let us know he will be sticking with basketball!

So as I watch him practice tonight with a huge grin

I just wanted to say thank you again! If there is

anything we can do to get more involved or participate/volunteer please let me know. This is

an great program. I know we have missed a few

events already due to work schedules but we

would love to help in any way.


RISE has been more than we could have hoped for. The moment we arrived in Arizona, we began looking for a sports club for our kids. We found RISE and have kept our kids as active as we can. From basketball to football to cheer, our kids have maintained not only an active status, but also have learned the values of teamwork, hard
                      work, and dedication. RISE offers something for
​                      everyone, kids and adults, nearly all year round.

                       We had tried switching our kids to different leagues, but                        ultimately have come back to RISE because they                                  promote a healthy, competitive learning environment for                        our children. We have found that RISE promotes the                           same values as we do on many levels and we value the program very much. Overall a big factor for us to continue to choose RISE is they do not put the needs of the organization above the needs of the children, the children always come first - much like RISE's extended organizational value of community first. If you want a program that excels putting the value of their members above all else, then choose RISE. 
                                                          Dan & Misti James 


RISE is a proud member of the Jr. NBA and Jr. Suns/Jr. Mercury Youth Basketball programs as well as the NFL Youth Flag Football programs. 


My son has learned so much from Coach Tavis at the camp he loved it!   He was sore with a big smile - he's hooked and can't wait to get to the next one!  

                                       Rito Vasquez 

You are the best! We will be signing up when we move back to the PHX area. Your program beats I9 here in NoVA hands down. Very competitive kids you have and the funniest officials. I will make sure to be proactive once we get there!

                                                  Lisa Hold 

RISE is a great organization, I support them because their mission is to make an impact in the community and change peoples lives. They are doing it! Every day they are helping families either through the foundation or through sports. With all that RISE gives, I am inspired to give to the RISE Community, families, supporters, friends, volunteers, athletes, and affiliates. With each closed sale or purchase transaction, I will donate a portion of my commission to the RISE and Dream Foundation Scholarship. I will also give 1 free registration including jersey to your family to participate in either the youth or adult league. If you don't need a registration, I will give you a family pass for league games. Visit my website now to register and let's get started on finding your new home!! LET'S GO TO WORK!! RISE! 

Sarita Hill  

RISE Athletics
Mailing Address:

18521 E. Queen Creek Rd. #105-208  

Queen Creek, AZ 85142